The official process is the club will make a decision on grading or training after 2:30pm on the day in question.
After 2:30pm the club will officially post on its media sites if training is on or off. This should be on our Facebook and website home pages prior to 3pm on the day in question.
Game Day:
If Mackey Park is shut, this will be communicated via the front page of this website and also Facebook by Marrickville Football Officials only.
For away games: Click here  
Like us, the Canterbury District (link provided above) post updates as soon as they come to hand. Please don’t just assume because ground “x” is shut, ground “y” will also be closed (and vice versa). All grounds cope with rain differently, and the councils & clubs have different opinions and approaches on closing grounds.

When are games rescheduled in the CDSFA


Bookings for training areas is now open

Join Now – please do NOT complete payment until team placement is confirmed as numbers are now very limited

Official Fees – a number of people have asked for the fees that need to be covered in 2017. We are still awaiting confirmation for 2017 fees however it is probably the same as last year so we have posted this information to help

Under 6 and 7 – the full draw is now available

Under 6 and 7 – information regarding pitch locations and format of the day