This site is currently undergoing maintenance.  Any critical information is accessible via the home page or through via Club social media channels


Book In to Female Only Training (Wednesdays)

Book In to Goal Keeper Training (Wednesdays)

Book in to referee Under 8 and 9 games (conditions apply)

Book in to to help U6/U7 on Saturday Mornings (conditions apply)

Book in Alternate kits (Black MFC jersey)


Fixture draw and competition table (iCompman). Select Canterbury District; 2017W, Marrickville; your Age Group; Division…

Wet weather. For Mackey and Steel Park check Club social media. Unless otherwise specified, assume ground is open

Wet weather other grounds. Check official District grounds page

Report an Incident you feel needs action.  Complete and email to Club Secretary

Suffer a serious injury during a game? Obtain and complete all relevant sections of the Personal Injury Claim Form then email to Club Secretary

President (Mr. Gary Schmidt) can be reached at Club President [MFC]

Managing Director and Registrar (Miss. Georgina Kokokiris) can be reached at Club Managing Director [MFC]

People Director can be reached at Club People Director [MFC]

Member protection officer at Club MPIO [MFC]

Under 6 and 7 – the full draw is now available

Under 6 and 7 – information regarding pitch locations and format of the day

Marrickville FC has engaged the services of Shot Of The Day Photography to capture gameday actions shots

Chris will roam Mackey Park taking candid photographs. Contact Shot Of The Day Photography directly to order your photo or request a take-down.

Read the latest Marrickville FC Devils Diary newsletter

We are the at the beginning of new Futsal program for 7-15 year olds which sees MFC and RDFA in partnership.  Whilst our site is going through maintenance RDFA are hosting the information page and gathering interest on behalf of the club.  Just follow the link and see what you think – at this stage we are asking for a registration of interest in order to help us plan.

Futsal Yes Please

Match sheets will be posted HERE electronically by Wednesday each week.

Each document is a PDF file with all teams in that age group (juniors or seniors).  You can search the PDF to find your draw and print that page at home.

You are no longer required to pick it up at the club.

REMEMBER completed sheets still need to be dropped back at the clubhouse and results MUST also be submitted via text – both on time please.

Paper copies of the Match Sheets are no longer available at the club.

Should you have any troubles downloading the team sheet please email Michael Marta at

Please give yourself enough time to contact Michael Marta, to fix any problems with downloading team sheets. As it will be very difficult to download a team sheet on the day of your game.

U8 Boys Girls_July_02_03

U9 Boys Girls_July_02_03

U10 Boys Girls_July_02_03

U11 Boys Girls_July_02_03

U12 Boys Girls_July_02_03

U13 Boys Girls_July_02_03

U14 Boys Girls_July_02_03

U15 Boys Girls_July_02_03

U16 Boys Girls_July_02_03

U17 Boys Girls_July_02_03

U21- July_02_03

WIL – July_02_03

WOMEN – July_02_03

30 Women – July_02_03

All Age – July_02_03

O35 – July_02_03

O45 – July_02_03

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Mackey Park closed today.
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Marrickville FC would like to wish a speedy recovery to Luca. We look forward to welcoming him back to Mackey!

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