Season 2015

Update – 3 March.


Fees. **All** unpaid registrations need to be paid by 13th March 2015

We NEED these to be paid now. We can’t complete so much of  the admin that  needs doing until you’re paid up and registered.


Registrations from under 8 up to seniors are only to be done if you are placed in a team and have not registered already.

New registrations must go through registrar first. Email Georgie at registrar@marrickvillefc.org.au

Registrations still open for under 6 and under 7. Team formation day Sunday 15th March 2015.


More on Under 6 and Under 7s

Marrickville Football Club will hold their Under 6 and Under 7 Player, coach and manager Team Formation day on Sunday 15th March. Please turn up to Mackey Park, Corner of Richardsons Cres & Carrington Rd Marrickville at the following times:

Under 6 Team Formation 08:30

Under 7 Team Formation 10:00


So what do you need to do?

  1. Please complete player register and payment prior to Thursday 12th March by visiting http://www.myfootballclub.com.au/index.php?id=3
  2. Attendance to team formation day is essential to maximise the chance of your player being in a team of their preference
  3. Consider your preference for team formation: your choice of training day, school friends, maybe some other social group

Please note:

  •  At MFC Under 6 & 7 players are not graded
  • Each team requires at least 1 coach and 1 manager to guide the players through the season. As the MFC does not provide these so parent/guardian participation is required.
  • if you have a team already formed each player and coach are still required to attend the team formation day
  • The 2015 season is planned to extend from 18th April to Late August 2015
  • Training can commence as soon as teams have been formed
  • Additional season information and MFC introductions will be provided on Formation Day
  • Like MFC on Facebook and folow on twitter to receive up to date communications over the season


Now the cricket club still has Mackey Park access for another week, so the training windows opens of the week of March 9. Up to you and our team when you actually commence. Please keep in mind space is at a premium at Mackey, and we’ve got 120 teams to slot in for training, and they can’t all be Wednesday night.  IT’S NOT A FREE FOR ALL WHERE YOU PICK YOUR OWN SLOT. We’ll be issuing a training timetable this week, where all teams are allocated a time & spot on the pitch.  I’m sure there will be some back and forth and negotiation about times & slots, but let’s all await the training timetable actually coming out before doing so.

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