Managers Support


Planning changes to scheduled games

The team’s manager MUST notify the MFC’s Competition Secretary via in writing (complete Request for Game Change Form) of a forfeiture by 3 p.m. 3 days prior to game day to avoid a fine e.g. notice is required by 3pm. Wednesday for a Saturday game, 3 p.m. Thursday for a Sunday game, etc.

Please email:

Request for Game Change Form to

Plan ahead for possible shortfalls of players or clashing events. Wherever possible plan to “play up” players from lower Age Groups & Divisions (and check Player Eligibility in Rules of Association). Please contact the age coordinator (in contact us) in the relevant age group if you require help when attempting to acquire players from other teams.

Forfeits with less than a 3 day notice will incur a CDSFA fine and be passed onto the team in question.

Lost or Missing registration cards

A card will not be provided to a team manager if the player, coach or manager has not completed their registration procedure. Click HERE for complete registration process.

To query progress of registrations please send an email to including player name and any other details.

If you are a team manager and cannot locate an issued card, either because the referee did not return all player cards to you at the end of the game, or if they have been mislaid somewhere, then please use the following procedure to order a reprinted card:

1. Send an email to with the following information:
a. Player Name
b. CDSFA ID (i.e. 2-3540)
c. Date lost
d. Last match details when you still had the card‚ Date, Time, Field
so that the General Manager can query if the card was left with the referee
e. Next match details ‚Date, Time and Field

2. The Club Registrar will then check the registration status of the player on our records for the following status:

a. Is the player Active or Deregistered?
b. Have they Paid, provided ID and FFA ID?
c. Do they have a valid photo?
d. If either a., b., or c. apply then the registrar will email you and request to follow-up the missing status.

3. Once point 2 has been met and clarified the club registrar will forward the request in an email to the CDSFA Competition Secretary for approval and reprint processing.

4. The club registrar is the only contact who is allowed to follow-up progress of reprint requests with the CDSFA Competition Manager. All information required to process the registration card MUST be emailed to the  club registrar no later than COB Wednesday to ensure that all requested cards are available for the weekend games.

5. The club registrar will inform the team manager when the registration card will be available for pick up from Mackey Park.

CDSFA Disciplinary and Judiciary processes

This section outlines processes and penalties related to the CDSFA disciplinary and judiciary processes that govern the Club’s participation in the CDSFA competition.

Click HERE to read summary of CDSFA Indiscipline Process.

Click HERE to read CDSFA Judiciary, Disciplinary and Appeals Regulations.

As well as the CDSFA fines and suspension process any individual sent off or disciplined by the CDSFA will be expected to pay any fine issued to the club in relation to the indiscipline action. Failure to pay the discipline fine will see that player unable to play until the fine has been paid.

Key message – You get sent off you, will serve the time and pay the fine!

Any disciplinary fines received from the CDSFA to Marrickville Football Club will be passed onto the individual and indiscipline will be reviewed by the club discipline committee and if a breach of the clubs Code of Conduct has been reported the Marrickville Football Club has the right to further discipline the club member in accordance with it’s constitution.

CDSFA Rules of Association

All Managers and Coaches U8 and above must familiarise themselves with the CDSFA Rules of Association. These rules govern operation of our Club’s involvement in the CDSFA Competition. In some instances, failure to familiarise can lead to significant penalties both to individual players and the Club.

Please ensure you have an understanding of the District Rules and support your team in making them aware of what is within the rules of the district.

Click HERE for Rules of Association.

Team Volunteer Responsibility

Team managers will also be contacted when and where team volunteers from your team are required for club assistance. The information will be sent from club age coordinators directly to team managers requesting for volunteers and it is the responsibility of the Team Manager to coordinator your parents/players to assist when requested.

Please click HERE to read about our Volunteers Support.

Please make sure your club Age Coordinator has your correct contact details. Click HERE to contact age coordinator.

Team-sheet and Score Reports

Team Managers a required to collect all home game team-sheets prior to their game on the weekend. Team-sheets will be available each week from Wednesday night training through to match day at Mackey Park. Team-sheets must reflect the players that played the game and players must have registration cards. Team-sheets must be signed and completed then returned to the canteen or clubhouse by the end of that weekend. 

Managers are also required to SMS every game result straight after the end of each match. Failure to follow either the Team-sheet or SMS score process’ will result in the club receiving a fine from the CDSFA which will be passed onto the team to pay, as outlined in our coach and managers meeting at the start of the season failure to pay fines will result in your team not playing until the issue has been resolved. Please get in a routine of team-sheets for home games always colloected and returned with your score being sent via SMS every week! 

SMS: 0490 437 227

Team Manager Responsibility

We would like to welcome all our Team Managers to the 2016 season.

We recognize that without your input and support the teams cannot function in a respectable and organized manner. We will attempt to support you in your important role as Team Manager as best we can.

In order to make your role easier we recommend you get familiar with the District Rules and Processes outlined in our information section on this page. Please make sure you understand your responsibilities as Team Manager which is outlined on this page. If you have any questions or require help with anything to do with your role please do not hesitate to contact your age coordinator for assistance.


Each Team Manager is requested to manage and communicate with their team contacts via TeamStuff. TeamStuff is accessed via the internet from a PC/laptop (better for initial season set up activities by Coaches and Managers) and via an App for smart phones once season setup has been completed. All Coaches, Managers and Players need to download the App to their phone.

Click HERE to register your team on the Teamstuff App.