How do I register as a coach?

Please follow these steps if you want to register as a coach:

  • Registration is a two step process and you cannot complete this process without passing your WWC check!
    1. Create or find your existing Football Federation of Australia (FFA) number
    2. Register with Marrickville FC as a coach.
  • You complete both these steps at the MyFootball Club Website
  • For detailed information connect try our rego step by step
  • Remember if you are NOT registered as a coach and pass your WWC check you will not be allowed to coach.
  • Click HERE for how to complete your WWC check.

Do I need to be qualified or have a coaching licence?

The simple answer is no, the Marrickville Club understand that most coaches are parent coaches and more often than not are put forward to coach due to others not being available or unable to take on the responsibility. You need make sure you are registered first before you can officially take on the role as coach.

How do I become a qualified coach?

The Marrickville Football Club strongly advise you attempt to acquire a coaching licence or certificate. Football Federation Australia (FFA) are the governing body who control the coaching programs and set the national curriculum.

You can attend any program in any area as long as you register your attendance through the following website.

To check for a coaching course near you please click HERE.

How do I get support from the MFC In-house coaching assistance?

Marrickville Football Club (MFC) are proudly supported by the Red Devils Football Academy (RDFA).

Red Devils Football Academy employ sixteen qualified and experienced coaches in their organisation and MFC are able to acquire their guidance and assistance through their long term relationship.

RDFA conduct in-house coaching clinics throughout the season for the club coaches to allow the coaches to share knowledge and learn from the experience of the RDFA coaching team.

Clinics are held in age groups and designed around the age group in which you will be coaching at the club. These dates and times will be posted on this page and are held throughout the season for all age groups.

As well as the in-house clinics the RDFA Director and MFC Coaching Director, Benjamin Burrows is available for assistance to each and every team within the club. You can contact Benjamin and discuss your personal coaching requirements. The aim is to organise a coaching plan for you and assist with your personal coaching plan. RDFA coaches can attend your team training sessions and help guide you through sessions and lend helpful tips to make coaching at MFC as enjoyable as possible. Contact Red Devils Football Academy,

Coaching @ MFC

We want the coaching experience for Marrickville Football Club to be aimed around a fun and a memorable experience for both team and coach.

It is important to recognize that the higher the standard of coaching the higher the standard of game play. It is imperative to the progress and development of players that the clubs standard of coaching is kept as high as possible. The attempt to support the coaches with it’s in-house assistance via the Red Devils Football Academy and the encouragement put towards coaches seeking accreditation through the FFA Courses is something the club take very seriously.

We expect our coaches without fail to follow the FFA  Coaching Code of Ethics. Failure to not follow the FFA Coaching Code of Ethics or the clubs Code of Conduct will be asked to front the club’s discipline committee and could face expulsion from Marrickville Football Club.

Some good online resources are also available through the following links:

Play by the rulesTraining drillsFFA coaching resources – U6 to U8 coaching manual